Jason Salmon is a life-long resident of Fort Greene-Clinton Hill and an experienced community organizer and activist.

Jason is a progressive Democrat whose family history in Bed-Stuy dates back 70 years, Jason’s ancestors, Black, White, Jewish, Christian, and Muslim, immigrated to the U.S. to seek religious freedom.

Jason grew up in Clinton Hill-Fort Greene and attended P.S. 20. From an early age, Jason was inspired by music and after graduating college, he turned his love for music into a career and became the owner of a recording studio where he worked with many talented, Brooklyn-based artists.

In the summer of 2014, his life changed dramatically. While we all watched the death of Eric Garner with anger and frustration, Jason was living his own personal trauma. That summer, Jason’s childhood friend was killed by the police. He was a gentle and kind human being and a great friend. After graduating high school, he joined the Air Force, serving for eight years, only to return home to lose his life at the hands of the police.

These tragedies drove Jason to serve as a community organizer and activist, and eventually as a volunteer for Jews for Racial and Economic Justice, serving as their liaison to Communities United for Police Reform. As an activist and community organizer, Jason organized in support of legislation that strengthened transparency and accountability for law enforcement including the Right to Know Act and the Police State Act.

Jason also served as a Community Liaison for Senator Velmanette Montgomery, where for nearly 3 years he was in the front lines serving the communities of the 25th District. From fighting for affordable housing to forming partnerships between city and state agencies and the community, Jason found practical solutions to the district’s everyday problems.

Jason has also been on the front lines fighting for affordable housing and tenant rights as a vocal opponent of socially irresponsible developments that put profits over our community. Jason helped tenants organize to demand repairs to their apartments, and has worked with local elected officials to draft legislation that promotes civics education in our schools.

Today, Jason is running on a platform centered around ending mass incarceration, addressing the affordable housing crisis, and fighting for equity in our education system. Jason is running to demand police accountability and reform, fighting to end solitary confinement, and to take on legislation that will end the War on Drugs in the State of New York. Jason is a firm believer that we need more schools not jails, and will fight to make sure the next generation of leaders receive equitable education that emphasizes civic education and comprehensive American history, including the history of indigenous peoples and African Americans.